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Pool Inspections in Granite Bay and the Surrounding Sacramento Area

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Déjà Blue Pool Inspection Service is a one of a kind pool inspection company. We offer 3 different types of expert level pool service;

  • Pool Inspections
  • Pool Equipment and Efficiency Repairs
  • Weekly Pool and Spa Service in the Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Folsom, and El Dorado Hills surrounding areas.

Proudly serving the community with perfect pool service for 3 generations. Swimming pool service is our passion and our tradition. We have a pool service plan to meet anyone’s budget needs while exceeding expectations.

We specialize in complete water chemistry knowledge, swimming pool equipment, optimizations, and repairs. We proudly produce written reports via our pool inspection services to outline everything involved with your new swimming pool.

Deja Blue Swimming Pool Services

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  • Déjà Blue Pool Service is a full service swimming pool service company servicing the entire Roseville area of Sacramento and Placer counties for the past 31 YEARS. We offer several pool and spa services options for our weekly service customers as well as one time customers. We specialize in Weekly Pool & Spa Service, Pool Equipment Repair, Replacements, and standard equipment maintenance. We proudly serve Swimming Pool Inspections, Pool Tile Calcium Cleaning, Acid Wash, and Pool Drain Services. All services are priced to fit any budget, while still exceeding your standards for quality.

Weekly Pool Service

Weekly Pool Service


    • Bronze

Weekly Chemical Pool Service Our value package. Includes weekly chemical treatments to ensure proper water chemistry to keep your pool blue all year long.

    • Silver

Weekly Brushing Pool Service Includes the chemical treatment of our Bronze package plus we sweep the steps, walls and bottom to keep dust and debris moving. We recommend this service package if you have a bottom cleaner.


    • Gold

Weekly Netting Pool Service Includes all services of both our Bronze and Silver package plus light equipment maintenance and debris skimming top to bottom. We remove all debris larger than dime top to bottom.

    • Platinum

Weekly Vacuum Pool Service Includes all of the listed services above plus Vacuum services along with additional protective chemicals to lower chlorine and keep your pool pristine!

Restore Your Swimming Pool

Pool Repair


  • Green-to-Clean

    Green to Clean
    It’s no surprise that a green swimming pool can cause so much attention from local authorities, as well as family members. Our highest requested service is “How fast can it back to blue?” Well that is why we offer four levels of Green-to-Clean Treatments. We do this to ensure your swimming pool transforms from a swamp creature spawning ground to a crystal clear clean blue swimming pool. From budget to NOW we have your pool covered.

  • Equipment Repair


    Equipment Repair

    If your swimming pool equipment is tired and worn then you’re in luck. We offer the most energy efficient equipment known to man. We guarantee that our installations will provide you with a savings especially if your equipment is older than 5 years. Let us build you an energy efficient pool equipment layout that will pay for itself in monthly energy savings!

  • Pool Inspections


    Pool Inspections

    Looking to buy or sell a home in Roseville, Granite Bay or Folsom ? Don’t Get Stuck with a Lemon! We provide the most accurate, real world pool inspections in Roseville, Granite Bay or Folsom. By receiving an Pool Inspection Service plus our report will ensure you do not receive higher costs later! Do not let your pool surprise you with expensive energy bills or cracked bottoms, get a pool inspection today!

  • Pool Tile Cleaning


    Pool Tile Cleaning

    Restore your tile to its original clean state with a bead blasted tile cleaning treatment. We hand blow sand across your tile, removing years of calcium and mineral buildup that contribute to unsightly pool line tile.

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Here at Deja Blue Pool Service we are all about supporting our swimming pool customers. By personalizing each and every call received with a solution. We strive to always find the answers first and worry about cost later. By listening to each and every one of our customers on a daily basis to find that secret ingredients to make the pure perfect pool service possible for our customers. And we know we have exactly that. For 30 years we have improved our services to produce only the best. And we have a feeling you can tell the difference.

If you’re looking for the best pool service company year after year, then please take a few moments and give us a Review Us Here. And share your love for Deja Blue Pool Service to keep us Rated Roseville, Granite Bay and Folsom Favorite Pool Service Company year after year for 30 Years! Afterall you’re neighbors wont know unless you tell them!

Below you may follow past comments of what some of our customers have to say about our services and advice they would give you years later. We have serviced pools from as far north as Auburn, as far south as Elk Grove, as far west as Davis, and all the way up the Folsom and El Dorado Hills. We fear not distance!


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