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Swimming Pool Inspections & Consulting

Real Estate Pool Inspections

Providing peace of mind, expiereience unmatched attention to detail and service.  We inspect your pool or aquatic body and find items of concern and provide recommendations on what to do about those items with cost based options outlined.  The fully comprehensive report included is of the highest level of detail. This report is often used to outline all conditions of the aquatic body / outdoor enviornment for the purpose of updates, repairs, or service. This includes New Home Real Estate Purchases w Reporting – “Buying a New Home and I need a Pool Inspection in Granite Bay!”

Commercial Health & Safety Compliance Aquatic Inspection  Services

Often a commercial pool will require ongoing checks and maintenance verifications. We offer NEHA complaint checks for verification of ongoing complioance with Health and Safety Compliance.  We also offer equipment update recommendations. 

New & Existing Construction Consulting

Operating on a local to global scale ongoing, we’ve established best practices for residential and commercial pool planning, construction, and remodeling. Our mission is to disseminate these insights to clients who aspire to achieve industry-leading efficiency and value through optimized equipment selections.”

Deja Blue 

Pool Inspections

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Our Services

Consultations & Expert Witness 

Zoom, Skype, or Google meet options

Three Generations of Expertise

Our Consultation Services are primarily offered in the context of New Pool Construction projects or existing remodel stage. These consultations encompass a range of considerations, including equipment selection, layout optimizatrion, material choices , and the enhancment of efficiency through the modification of a standard set of pool plans

Additionally out expertise extends to providsing expert witness services for construction defect cases, where we offer opinions on existing isssues in matter that are under dispute

About Us
Deja Blue Swimming Pool Inspection performed at this pool August, perfect sunny day, Added watermark because it was ust too perfect not to :)
Swimming Pool Inspection photo from Job Site

Reporting You Can Trust
While on site we create sharable images, video, and reporting for same day results often before we even leave the site. 

Performed over 60,000 on site inspections as of 2022! We are accuracy. 

The future is Deja Blue

Many new technologies are becoming available now in the swimming pool industry focused on increasing efficiency and overall enjoyment for all users of aquatics. When contacting us ask about New Innovative Equipment that inspire us, that we’d be happy to share that include benefits of nearly zero chlorine making your bathing water virtually drinkable. 

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Our mission:

Inspect Success 

We remove the confusion and too often worry in your next swimming pool project.

Service Call

An on-site appointment to address any issues present. Typically a one-hour appointment.

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Inspection w Written Report 

Used to assess all components’ current condition and estimate repair or upgrade costs. Typically a 2-3 Hour Appointment.

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Review provided evidence to form an opinion on what can or cannot be done remotely or via an on-site visit. 

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A swimming pool can be treated so well that if desired could serve as a backup water store for pre-last stage use. Essentially giving a family of 4
9 months of emergency water up to 2 years or longer...